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The complete kit for every guy who has balls and wants to keep them calm. A gift like this will shoot him out of his shorts - quite possibly literally, if you can test it right...

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Is your sack in a pinch? Antistick is part of Angry Beard’s Calm Balls intimate product line and that’s exactly what it provides – calm balls. It is intended for sportsmen,...

BD COLOGNE JS 100 1400px 1
from €1,90

Cologne in the legendary Jack Saloon scent, for those who find perfume too big a punch. Cologne is the ideal for everyday wear or a quick refresher during the day. Same scent,...

BR DOP 30 100 1400px 1
from €19,90

Do you have problems with beard growth and would like a perfect full beard in a month? Then Beard Doping is definitely NOT for you. For that, it’d be better to visit some shady...


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Who are Angry Beards?

Own formula for complete beard care perfected in cooperation with industry professionals. Containers made of first-class purple glass imported from the Netherlands. Products made by golden Czech hands with a lot of sweat and blood, that's us, Angry Beards. Believe that investing in yourself, ideally in the form of our products, will return to you hundreds of times. Get to know us better and see the reactions of happy bearded on our Facebook and Instagram.