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Who are Angry Beards?

Own formula for complete beard care perfected in cooperation with industry professionals. Containers made of first-class purple glass imported from the Netherlands. Products made by golden Czech hands with a lot of sweat and blood, that's us, Angry Beards. Believe that investing in yourself, ideally in the form of our products, will return to you hundreds of times. Get to know us better and see the reactions of happy bearded on our Facebook and Instagram</a >.

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Biggest hassle ever? Ironing, looking at pictures of other people’s kids and shaving regularly. If you’re not following the girls from beaver river trend, you know what we’re...

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Freshpit Alex Adventure antiperspirant is your fearless savior from sticky underarms, wet spots on your shirt, and becoming the epicenter of stink in mass transit. This...


Fresh Pit Antiperspirant with Becky Blossom fragrance is your fearless protector against sticky underarms, wet spots on your shirt, and you becoming the epicenter of stink in...

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We’ve been waiting a long time for it, envying the guys and stealing shamelessly. Not even the balls on the packaging could stop us. But watch out, girls, this is a treat just...

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A sharp fashion accessory for all the crafty sisters. It’ll go with all your outfits. From jean jackets to evening dresses. This beauty is an indication of good taste and a sure...

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Dry shampoo spray is an instant helper for reviving your hairstyle. It’s a lifesaver when you’re rushing from training straight to work, when a screaming baby wakes you up in...

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Solid shampoo is a great alternative to the classic liquid shampoo. Thanks to its gentle cleansing agents, it washes and treats your hair carefully, and your scalp will love it...


Tested on a man’s tough skin, fine-tuned purely for us girls. Now we really have no reason to envy the guys. Except for peeing standing up. This cream will nourish, hydrate, and...

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This isn’t just any old grease to give you a good feeling. This is a delight whose scent and taste transports you to a bar in an exotic paradise where a super fine guy serves...

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This isn’t just any old grease to give you a good feeling. This is dangerously good balm fine-tuned for the wildest of adventures. Prepare for a love story to the very end.


Becky Blossom solid peeling soap gently but thoroughly removes all the dirt and dead cells from your skin that have grown tired of life. Crushed grape seeds take care of the...