About us

Angry Beards

We’re a constantly growing gang of overgrown kids who do everything they get their hands on with full balls. We try to make quality products at affordable prices, provide unparalleled service, and we try to entertain ourselves and you in the process. Sometimes we strike gold, while at other times our awkward humor doesn’t fall on fertile ground, but that’s showbiz, baby.

Your satisfaction is sacred to us, but if you’re not on the same page with us, you better get out of the way. Whether you’re a trucker, a stud buying for your sweetheart, an office rat, or have an MA, an MBA or a PhD, with us you are equals and we’ll communicate with you as such. It’s not because we don’t respect you, just the opposite, it’s so that we can communicate better and not beat around the bush until the camel breaks its back, or whatever the saying is. We are here for you 24/7, 369 days of the year. Whether you need advice, a problem solved, or just to chat. And if we’ve screwed something up, or there’s something you don’t like about us, or you can think of an improvement, please let us know for Christ’s sake. We always appreciate praise or a photo of a well-fed beard, but only constructive criticism moves us forward. Let it grow!

  • Let's cook

    It all started with an idea of how to cook up our stuff. Nicely in the comfort of home, in a yellow jumpsuit, respiration masks and flasks over butane burners. A little bit of research pulled us away from that fantasy. That was the only thing that’s taken a little time since then. Nine months later, we launched our first products, and they made dozens of guys happy for Christmas.

  • Warning highly addictive

    We’ve developed colorfully and come up with a line of new products. The numbers of orders and addicts grew, but Angry Beards was still an expensive hobby during school and work. We didn’t stop at Christmas though, and the gifts we gave out put hundreds of smiles under those beards. The feedback was unbelievable and even we dumb lumps began to realize that we could make a living this way.

  • Full time

    We are spreading like the plague in Slovakia and Poland, launching Beard Doping and tools, we are on the shelves at Rossmann’s around the country and now pushing Angry Beards full force. We are taking on our first partners, orders are accumulating more and more and our products are being sold out at an increasing rate. It’s slowly dawning on us how addictive our materials are and we’re starting to worry about when the Ministry of Health will ask us to put a warning label on our products.

  • Full house

    The family house in which our whole operation takes place is bursting at the seams. The garage serves as our warehouse, full to every last centimeter. Our office is in the living room and the ever-growing number of trucks is blocking the driveway for many of our angry neighbors. We are planning Operation “Move” and closing out a hugely successful year with a holiday move to the print shop. Printshop AMAPRINT, here we fucking go!

  • Gang gang

    Okay, it’s no joke anymore. Antistick is flowing in tons, we are counting pallets and signing contracts. What the hell is happening, how did we get here from spitting in our palms and shaking on it?! It’s the fault of you other idiots... well, no worries, we’ll just have to expand the gang. And no bunglers, we need the hungriest animals in the game. The ones who bite and don’t let go. We end the year with nearly forty elite workhorses who live and breathe for Angry.


    What a year! March was brutal, orders were down, our asses tightened and for a while it looked like we were heading to the front lines instead of working on new stuff. Fortunately, that didn't happen and we were able to keep working for you. We rented another office space and left the printer purely for shipping the massacre of orders. The owners changed, too, with two bizniz matadors joining Tomáš, and we started fumbling around with ERP, RPG, UZI, and other dangerous acronyms. And we gifted ourselves a little hall for Christmas. Over 6,000 m² in our hometown of Třebíč. It’s gonna be great! As soon as we renovate it. We definitely won’t be bored In 2023, and we'll make huge progress together again. STAY ANGRY!

  • Future is now

    The one clear thing about 2023 is that it’s going to bring calluses. Let’s dig in a little bit more and see where it leads us. Every hand is appreciated, so lend us yours, too. Write and tell us what you didn’t like or what didn’t work for you, or where you see space for improvement. Even the smallest piece of crap, it doesn’t matter, throw it in our face. Here’s the contact.