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Sick Sensei is the master of the powerful style cult. He crushes cedar boards with his left hand until cardamom, geranium and pink pepper fly through the air. In meditation, his mind floats on an ocean of patchouli, costus root, frankincense, and tanned leather. He teaches his students the ancient warriors code, which honors sandalwood, ambergris, benzoin, and labdanum. Cologne, shower gel, and antiperspirant. All stuffed in a metal tin ready to spread joy. 

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In translation, Sensei means “one who has been here a long time”. Simply a master, a guru. And this one’s also totally sick! We’ve taken the best of the fragrance cookbook and mixed up a ride in the power style. Get your sniffer ready ‘cause you can’t chug this stuff like a lager from a can. This cologne’s like very expensive wine that you first swirl around in the glass, check its sparkle, sniff, roll it around your tongue, and appreciate the bouquet and acidity. Then you won’t be surprised that this wicked scent fries the brain coils of any kitten within range. How could anyone smell so sophisticated? And they won’t get off you until they get to the bottom of this advanced riddle!



Less concentrated than our perfumes. If you don’t need to smell up the whole office, the cologne will please only the female sniffers in the immediate vicinity.


For skunks. Material that helps tame sweat without pissing off your skin. We don’t play the organic game, better a spray that works than a bucketful of herbal tea.


A true connoisseur’s scent that you have to savor to appreciate. A multi-layered ride loaded with pink pepper, tanned leather, ambergris, and sandalwood. Master of the power style.


A combo of the best to be had in fragrance. A price so good, you’ll have enough left over for a tip. All packed in an epic tin box ready to spread joy.

crazy sis set


Crazy sis set

A guy and his scent. Some people find lifelong love in elementary school, others flutter from one-night-flower to one-night-flower until they’re forty. But when your sniffer falls in love, it’s more fatal than Anthony and Cleopatra, Bonnie and Clyde or the Hulk and the luscious Black Widow. A relationship across time and space. But if you already feel like you’ve found your fated one, consider this - nibbling on other scents isn’t cheating.

Sensei’s not right for you? Don’t worry! Try sniffing the notorious Urban and the legendary Jack Saloon. Both are available as testers.


  • Cologne with fragrance intensity for everyday wear
  • Body & Balls shower gel that flows slower than honey
  • Uncompromising tackler of underarm caking
  • Combo in the polished Sick Sensei fragrance
  • Comes in a FREE metal tin




Cologne Refresh your scent trail whenever you see fit during the day. A few drops on hot zones like the neck, chest or inside of the wrist will ensure proper scent release.

Shower gel for body and balls Squeeze into your palm a drop the size of a five-cent coin and start rubbing. If you’re a beast gifted with a body like a young Arnie, you might use a little more. And then just rinse, dry, and repeat!

PRO TIP: The shower gel is thick. Like really thick! It sticks together and flows slower than honey, so it’s nice to fluff it up and lather it a bit in your hands before you start scrubbing your chest fur with it. But, yeah, it’s thick as thick can be.

Antiperspirant Pop the cap. Shake. And then just spraaaaay! Shoot a single blast into your armpit from 15 cm to stop sweating without being smelled a mile away.

PRO TIP: The sooner you spray before exercise, the better. If you send it in while you’re in the locker room, the ingredients won’t have enough time to start working out before you do.




Cologne + Shower gel + Antiperspirant

Sick Sensei Cologne
Buddy, cologne formulation is quite a science. It’s a supercharged complex of fragrances, ethanol, and a few helpers, just in a slightly lower concentration than perfume.

In Sick Sensei you’ll find a selection of ingredients dominated by pink pepper, incense, ambergris, and sandalwood. Splash in and see what Sensei, master of the power cult, will unleash.

First, he'll demonstrate how cardamom, geranium and pink pepper fly through the air as he crushes cedar boards with his left hand.

Then he’ll take you into a meditation exercise where you’ll float through an ocean of patchouli, costus root, frankincense, and tanned leather.

Finally, he’ll read to you from the warrior's code, which honors sandalwood, ambergris, benzoin, and labdanum. The conclusion of a finely polished art that takes years of hard work.

100 ml pack

Sick Sensei Shower Gel for Body and Balls
The powerhouse among shower gels. It flows slower than honey, but once you start soaping with it, you won’t understand. Gentle tensides help remove dirt and grime with the help of activated charcoal. To make your skin snort with bliss, we’ve thrown in Tasmanian pepper extract, water-soluble babassu oil and other specialists to help protect your body and balls from over-drying.

230 ml pack

Sick Sensei Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant is a pressurized solution for excessive sweating. We’ve mixed a combo of hellishly effective substances and, along with extremely sweaty bearded beasts, tweaked it to perfection. We’re not playing around with herbal tea, we’re using aluminum salt - a substance capable of taming a man’s armpits on the first try.

We’ve topped it all off with a drop of our polished scent, so the seduction of all the female noses in range can begin.

150 ml pack



Sick Sensei cologne ingredients
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Sick Sensei shower gel ingredients
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Sick Sensei antiperspirant ingredients
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