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Shine at the next airsoft battle with an angry velcro patch. Or take it out to the action where the live rounds fly. Tag any velcro on a tactical bag, a visor, a jacket, or even an army pack. Let everyone know you’ve got balls. Or a beard. That you're simply ours! Guaranteed to work with all velcros and all bros.

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Are you an airsoft weekend warrior and you regularly set off to mow down hordes of bros in the field outside of town? Or you work in special forces and can appreciate a sufficiently tough catchphrase on velcro? Fine-tune your gear with one of these beauties and show them that you’re ours! Each adds an additional +10 points to your aim and shortens your transition from long to short by 50%.




Soldiers, survivalists, and other guys in gear with velcro on the shoulders, fear not! You can stick these hardy beasts on any hairy surface. Give your gear a little love and send a message to the world that is full of beards, balls, Valhallas, battle-hardened motivational speeches, nudes, and pure-blooded manly angriness.

They are absolutely ideal in combination with an Angry Beards bag filled to the brim with black gold or on our jet-black cap.

#tab-Why you want it#

  • Durable rubber and sewn velcro patches
  • Motifs full of angriness, beards, balls, and nudes
  • Tactical bag, cap, or patch carrier all in a nice, angry style
  • Works with all velcros and all bros.

#tab-Why you want it#



Slap it onto an Angry Beards tactical bag full of black gold, onto your cap, or any other patch carrier, combat shirt or jacket. Smooth it down with your hand a couple times to let the patented mechanism take hold, and spring into action! Guaranteed to work with all velcros and all bros.




Durable Velcro patch that is either rubber or sewn. If it’s not clear from the photos, ask us!



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