Wooden beard brush Gentler


Every beardie should have a brush. Brush the beard from roots to tips and spread with oil or balm. Additionally, you’ll get rid of dead skin cells and increase blood circulation for even more robust growth. Gentler, the version with more densely packed, softer bristles, is recommended for shorter beards.

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A time-tested combination of traditional materials. The brush is made of beech wood, which is not the same as beach wood. The gorgeous wooden handle has rounded edges in a 10.3 × 6.3cm oval, so it fits perfectly in any hand. We've fitted it with 420,000 boar bristles to ensure high-quality brushing for shorter beards. For longer beards (over approx. 7cm) the coarser Harden is recommended.


More Boar
More Boar

This brush is proof that we are not skimping on you. We’ve packed so many boar bristles into it that if we added even one more, the whole brush would explode.

One size fits all

Zakulacený hrany kartáče, ergonomický výbrusy a akurátní velikost. Sedne ti do ruky stejně perfektně jako dámskej zadek.

Fully anti-static
Fully anti-static

Nabitá má být baterka, ne vousy. Proto jsme zvolili antistatický materiály, ať beard neskončí rozježený na všechny strany.

Master sack
Master sack

Want to put your brush in the bathroom and there’s not an inch of space? Don’t hang your head, hang your brush. Stick it in its sack and all that’s left is to find a free hook.

Wooden Brush Gentler




Perfektní pročísnutí od kořínku ke konečkům

Brushing your beard is not only a benefit, but literally a necessity. With a proper brushing, you'll remove dead skin cells, and if you brush your beard right after applying an oil or balm, you'll spread the product evenly throughout the beard.

Regular brushing will help you to have a healthy, perfect-looking beard. And by massaging the skin, you'll encourage growth. A one-time investment in a brush will last you forever.

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  • Perfect brushing from roots to tips
  • Skin stimulation for more robust growth
  • Ergonomic beech-wood design
  • 420,000 boar bristles, one beside the next
  • Fully anti-static materials

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Brush your beard ideally after applying oil, balm or wax. Avoid dry brushing, it’s harsh and can break and damage your whiskers. Brushing your beard once or twice a day is absolutely enough – here, too, less is more, as too much brushing can start beard loss.

The brush takes care of you every day, but from time to time you should take care of it too. Regularly brush out any stuck whiskers and ideally use a Brushpick for this maintenance. This is a rake that you simply rake through the bristles to get all the gunk out, including remains of trapped oil, balm or wax.

And from time to time, let’s say twice a year, but otherwise according to the level of gunk, you should give the brush a deep cleaning. Soap the bristles with shampoo, rinse, dry off in a towel, blow-dry and leave it out to dry on the windowsill by the heating. Make sure to thoroughly dry your brush as the boar bristles don’t need much to start smelling like a wet dog.




The brush measures 10.3 × 6.3cm. Following Beardon's Law, we have enriched the handle with aerodynamic cut-outs on the sides. The beech wood is complemented by boar bristles, which are renowned for their anti-static effects.

Gentler is ideal for shorter beards (to approx. 7cm). For longer beards, it’s better to use Harden, which has coarser bristles with more spacing. But of course, use what suits you best.



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